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Coming soon, is our "Global Fly In" - or #ComeFlyWithMe ... This time around, the broadcast will be simulcast on OzByDrone, ReadySetDrone, as well as some other facebook and twitch pages. And you are invited to be one of the pilots to fly. If you have a drone capable of sending RTMP, you just need to set your RTMP url to the example listed below. R
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American Drone Security Act of 2019 USA Senate bill would prohibit buying drones from countries deemed national security threats, like China. “American taxpayer dollars should not go to state directed or state-owned companies used by China to undermine U.S. and foreign competition, especially in critical industries that are vital to U.S. national security,” Marco Rubio of Florida said. “Ch
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You'd have to go to motor manufacturers for that kind of depth on a motors characteristics. I can tell you they are hot to the touch after running just two batteries. Wind effects the power / amps used also ... just a heck of a lot of factors to consider here before failure. On the other hand, DJI states an operating temperature of 104 for their uav. Part of their range of operating temps listed.
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Does anyone know the  temp range of the motors ?  I get different readings standing still 20 minutes.  Fly full steam 20-25 minutes  Also adding on Lume Cubes   All difference in temps depending what I am doing with M2 Line   I have readings higher on front rotors   seems normal   BUT LOOKING FOR THE HIGHEST TEMP THE  ROTORS CAN TAKE WITHOUT DAMAGE   Thanks for any help !!
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Here is my Phantom 4 with strobes and my CASA ID Can't say I am trying to hide who I am or sneak around.
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Does anyone even use this or visit this anymore?
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Hi I just put up my first video on Youtube Can I get a couple of subscribers for testing please This YouTube stuff is all new to me. 
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Hello everyone.  Heard about this on Ken's show tonight.  I'm from Massachusetts and have gotten bitten by the drone bug big-time!  I have been flying since early 2016 and now have 6 major 4k drones.
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Hi Greg Finally found the link on Ken's last Show Great Idea  
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