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American Security Drone Act of 2019

American Drone Security Act of 2019

USA Senate bill would prohibit buying drones from countries deemed national security threats, like China.

“American taxpayer dollars should not go to state directed or state-owned companies used by China to undermine U.S. and foreign competition, especially in critical industries that are vital to U.S. national security,” Marco Rubio of Florida said. “Chinese companies routinely steal and provide information to Beijing’s military and intelligence apparatus, and DHS recently warned of the threat posed by Chinese-manufactured unmanned aerial systems and components. The American Drone Security Act seeks to protect U.S. national security and ensure taxpayer funds are not being used to buy drones from companies backed by the Chinese Communist Party and other foreign adversaries.”

2020 Brings the FAA Rule of General Aviation having ADS-B  in/out in place, ADS-B -IN for uav's.  Remote I.D., already available on DJI Enterprise equipment, along with uuid, has been pushed back one year by the USA at this time.

Wonder why manufacturer's are hesitant to release new drones ?

The ACT: (PDF)

The Story: