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Global Fly In

Coming soon, is our "Global Fly In" - or #ComeFlyWithMe ...

This time around, the broadcast will be simulcast on OzByDrone, ReadySetDrone, as well as some other facebook and twitch pages. And you are invited to be one of the pilots to fly.

If you have a drone capable of sending RTMP, you just need to set your RTMP url to the example listed below. Replace "your key" with something unique to you. 


For those using DJI GO 4, watch this video to get an idea of how to set this up. This example is how to stream to youtube.... but the instructions are the same. Follow the guide and use the RTMP url shown above - but with your own unique "key" at the end.

There are options available for FPV flyers and others that don't use DJI GO 4 - Tune in, and we'll try to find solutions for you.

The only last piece of information you need - when is it? Go to our event stream, and you'll see the planned time in your timezone.