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Phantom 3SE Crooked Gimbal Freeze

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to bring up a problem I am having with my P3SE, when in the air the gimbal has begun freezing in almost 45 degree angle. I will swing up freeze then free itself. This will continue at random with no pattern very irregular when it happens. It has however destroyed several videos that I have been working on recently, multiple times in each. Our overlords in China just say ship it to us “we fix!”. I have recalibrated the gimbal multiple times it helps for a few moments before doing it again. I have no desire to part with my Phantom but it’s beginning to get annoying when it starts up. Sometimes I can fly for over an hour no problems other times a nightmare, especially now that I have been paying much more attention to it. I lost vacation video at one point, it was so bad I couldn’t save the video. No warnings about overheating or freezing either.

Someone share your wisdom, I really don’t want to risk losing it. I will say in no way has it affected the flight characteristics of it, still silky smooth and fun with great range. It is just the dumb gimbal, nothing else I know of.

Thanks for your help,