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Please avoid flying drones near predatory birds. The majestic wedge tailed eagle shown in this video was (unbeknownst to us) perched atop the cliff edge as our drone approached. The eagle quickly hunted, attacked and - in two strikes - dropped our drone from the sky. The strike happened in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia over new years 2018. Flying a Mavic Pro, the attack collapsed one of the drone's flight arms (we believe) and caused the drone to tumble out of control over 200m to the forest floor below (falling over 600' in total). The point of impact was at a distance of about 1.1km from takeoff and up the base of the cliff. Rescuing the drone from the Australian outback required expert guiding from Rich Laming of the One & Only Wolgan Valley - cudos Rich! After replacing all propellers, replacing one broken leg and re-attaching the camera footings, this Mavic Drone flew again - impressive quality DJI! The eagle dwarfed the drone and the fight ended quickly. From our view, the eagle appeared unharmed by the event. Had we known there was an eagle present we would not have flown the drone in the area. Please respect nature and the territory of these beautiful animals - avoid if at all possible.

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