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CASA is taking action to provide even better support for the safe operation of drones. A new drone information platform is being set up as the foundation of a fresh approach to safety for unmanned operations. The digital platform will create opportunities for innovation in the delivery of drone safety information, including the creation of apps to better meet the diverse needs of drone flyers. The new platform will be open to app developers so they can build safety focused tools for recreational and commercial drone flyers. It provides access to standardised safety information and communication tools for app developers who meet CASA’s approval requirements. In the future the new platform will integrate with CASA’s proposed drone registration system and will streamline the process for licensed operators to request access to airspace near controlled aerodromes. This is a further step towards the safe and efficient integration of drones into the Australian airspace system. CASA’s branch head Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems, Luke Gumley, says the rapid growth in the drone sector had created a need for more tailored and innovative safety information solutions. “Drone flyers need clear and consistent information about where they can operate their drones,” Luke says. “The first new app is expected to be approved for connection to the platform in early July 2019. We will regularly update a list on our web site of the apps approved to use the platform.” There have been about 250,000 downloads of the current Can I Fly There? App, which has been available for two years. This app will not continue to be supported by CASA.

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