Browse Sites By Tag: tnl80 — This stunning drone footage shows a church spire rising from thick 'radiation fog' covering Southrepps village in Norfolk at sunset.
01.01.1970 0 comments From JAS-Aerial — When Jane Erbacher posts her video of erging on a perch at the top of Flagstaff Mountain in Boulder, Colorado, to her Instagram, one of the first, and most asked, viewer questions she gets is - "How did you get the erg up there."
01.01.1970 0 comments From JAS-Aerial — New York is a beautiful, lively city full of photographic opportunities. However, it can be a nightmare for drone pilots. In this video, documentary filmmaker Griffin Hammond explains why it’s nearly impossible and mostly illegal to fly a drone in New York City.
01.01.1970 0 comments From JAS-Aerial — An investigation by GoLocalProv that included drone footage shot of the exterior of the vacant Superman building raises questions about the state of Rhode Island’s tallest building. The footage shows hundreds of cracks, crevices, and chippings.
01.01.1970 0 comments From JAS-Aerial — A drone show put on by the Dubai Police Academy achieved the Guinness World Record for the most consecutive formations created by UAVs same set.
01.01.1970 0 comments From JAS-Aerial — The shocking extent of the blaze at an Ocado warehouse in Hampshire is revealed in this drone footage. The video shows the warehouse ablaze and a huge plume of smoke rising into the air.
01.01.1970 0 comments From JAS-Aerial — Anthony Cheeney crashed a drone carrying drugs and phones as he tried to fly it into HMP Liverpool.
01.01.1970 0 comments From JAS-Aerial — No two days are the same when you’re flying an eye in the sky. When Colin Romberger was a young man, he dreamed of becoming a pilot or skydiving instructor so he could navigate the skies and provide a bird’s eye view of the world below. 
01.01.1970 0 comments From JAS-Aerial — Drone technology, primarily associated with film making or the military, is now being used in novel ways to combat man made climate change.
01.01.1970 0 comments From JAS-Aerial — The National Forest Service is more lax than many other entities when it comes to unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). In most cases, they defer to the FAA standard and have recently issued the following new guidelines for hobbyists to follow:
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