Browse Sites By Tag: tnl77 — The Civil Aviation and Safety Authority is installing drone detection technology at Sydney Harbour and Australian airports, hiring a company the United States has previously warned could contribute to cyber attacks.
01.01.1970 0 comments From JAS-Aerial — Not even two drones equipped with high-definition video cameras and infrared imaging could locate Betsy.
01.01.1970 0 comments From JAS-Aerial — The device can fly up to 50 feet away, shoot at 60FPS in HD, and take 13MP still photos.
01.01.1970 0 comments From JAS-Aerial — This drone footage by Inter Pipeline from January 9, 2019 includes delivery of a central piece of equipment for the facility, a propylene-propane splitter that weighs over 800 tonnes and will be over 97 metres high when erected.
01.01.1970 0 comments From JAS-Aerial — Drone footage by Steve Brown from the 2019 International Skeeter Association and Renegade Championship held January 11-13 on Lake Pepin, MN.
01.01.1970 0 comments From JAS-Aerial — Majestic nature scenes have been captured by photographers all over Greece as successive weather fronts swept during the first week of 2019 brought freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall to every corner of the land.
01.01.1970 0 comments From JAS-Aerial — The Church of Scientology's headquarters is known as "Int Base" to Scientologists and often referred to as "Gold Base." Check out pictures of the property here.
01.01.1970 0 comments From JAS-Aerial — This week's Video of the Week features newly developed drone technology that allows scientists to capture high-resolution video footage and photographs.
01.01.1970 0 comments From JAS-Aerial — Some compared it to the moon or a massive alien spacecraft, but it's a giant, spinning ice disk on a Maine river, and it's all natural.
01.01.1970 0 comments From JAS-Aerial — YouTuber uses a drone to get close with fling of sandpipers
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