Browse Sites By Tag: security — It can go from rotor-powered flight to gas-inflated blimp in mid-flight.
01.01.1970 0 comments From JAS-Aerial — University Police Department officer Ronald Dorsey has proposed the use of unmanned aircraft systems, or drones, on campus to follow other law enforcement agencies in alternative surveillance methods.
01.01.1970 0 comments From JAS-Aerial — The Department of Homeland Security will evaluate systems later this year to detect, track, identify, or defeat drones flying where they don’t belong.
01.01.1970 0 comments From JAS-Aerial — Drones have been on full display at CES 2019, but one company seems to stand out through their unique usage case: drone home security. Sunflower Labs debuted their drone security system that would be able to use camera drones to investigate possible signs of trouble and protect homes fairly autonomo…
01.01.1970 0 comments From JAS-Aerial — Sunflower Labs will soon roll out its adorably-named robot security system: the Sunflower motion detection system and autonomous "Bee" surveillance drones.
01.01.1970 0 comments From JAS-Aerial — Kota Kinabalu: Drone is now considered as a new threat risk to key point installations, said Deputy Director General of Government Security, Khairul Anwar Haji Zakaria.
01.01.1970 0 comments From JAS-Aerial