Browse Sites By Tag: landslide — Many American states are now using drone technology to watch avalanches and endangered animals, among other uses. A number of states are beginning to explore how to create laws to control a flood of private drone traffic that is likely to come in the future.
01.01.1970 0 comments From JAS-Aerial — A serious landslide, which cut-off the rural hamlet of Kinloch Hourn in the West Highlands (Scotland) from broadband and phone services, has been reconnected after Openreach (BT) used one of their airborne drones to fly a new cable over the safety exclusion zone, around the landslide, and to the bas…
01.01.1970 0 comments From JAS-Aerial — A new drone video shows the size of the destruction caused by a landslide that occurred on Friday night on Greece’s Lesvos island, near the famous town of Plomari.
01.01.1970 0 comments From JAS-Aerial