Browse Sites By Tag: drones — An Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University professor has invented an artificial intelligence program that can hijack rogue drones, safely neutralizing any possible threat.
01.01.1970 0 comments From JAS-Aerial — everal Chinese cities used drones to monitor traffic, which they believe could improve law enforcement. However, the practice has also raised privacy and safety concerns. Traffic police in many Chinese cities, including Jinan in East China's Shandong Province and Baoji in Northwest China's Shaanxi P…
01.01.1970 0 comments From JAS-Aerial — Eighteen local authorities are using drones to combat illegal dumping, enforce building regulations and help emergency services during incidents.The move by councils to buy and hire the flying devices comes after an anti-dumping initiative, launched by the government in 2017. 
01.01.1970 0 comments From JAS-Aerial — A Queensland company which has installed counter-drone security at a critical infrastructure site with a restricted airspace in Australia says it has detected 400 drones in just six months.
01.01.1970 0 comments From JAS-Aerial — Drone makers at CES are setting their flight path away from consumer toys and on to businesses willing to shell out for flying robots.
01.01.1970 0 comments From JAS-Aerial — The New York Police Department plans to deploy around 7,000 police officers tonight for security in Times Square, as well as a drone that will monitor the
01.01.1970 0 comments From JAS-Aerial — Authorities said rescuers were working round the clock to reach six villages, currently inaccessible by road. Drones are proving quite valuable.
01.01.1970 0 comments From JAS-Aerial — The Taliban and various insurgent groups are aggressively utilizing unmanned aircraft to keep an eye on Resolute Support personnel
01.01.1970 0 comments From JAS-Aerial — Concerns take flight despite rules on no-fly zones
01.01.1970 0 comments From JAS-Aerial — Zain Group, a leading Middle Eastern mobile and data services operator headquartered in Kuwait has entered into a Teaming Agreement with DroneShield Ltd (ASX:DRO) (“DroneShield”), a worldwide leader in counterdrone solutions, which will see the companies working together on meeting Zain’s customers’…
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