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The Grumpy Vlogger tall tales

A long time ago in a Galaxy far, far away. The world was blessed with The Grumpy Vlogger. Let’s see if this works. I’ll try to write here once a week.

Grumpy 19.09.2018 2 589
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  •  Grumpy: 
    Ok Dronebook is a wonderful tool for all of us to use, but it works best with Firefox. Greg works hard at bringing this to us. So remember use Firefox for best results. Telstra hates Chrome
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  •  Grumpy: 
    Well, today I woke up. At my age it’s always questionable whether it will happen or not lol. Anyway everyone on this wonderful site have a great day.
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19.09.2018 (1430 days ago)
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